Why Earn AData Science Master’s Degree?

Reshape the World — and Your Career with a Data Science Master’s

Professionals with data science master’s degrees are shaping tomorrow by asking more thoughtful questions about yesterday—today.

They’re getting answers that drive discoveries and spur change by flipping assumptions on their heads and banishing foregone conclusions to the dustbin.

Graduates of data science master’s programs are helping people, organizations, and the world to open new doors and make fresh starts.

The Power of Data and an Advanced Practice Data Science Master’s

With its arsenal of predictive analytics, data science drives some of the sharpest, most forward-thinking organizations by allowing them to use the best algorithm to model whatever problem they're trying to solve.

Using these algorithms empowers not only the people behind the organizations but also the people they serve.

Individual humans produce data as much as multinational corporations—from social media posts to purchased and reviewed products to the time spent on weather forecast sites and puppy cams. It’s all in what you track and measure.

Imagine harnessing data to help people improve their choices and overall health or help school leaders improve their decision-making and students’ learning outcomes.

Earning an advanced practice credential, such as a Data Science Master’s Degree, can be the pivotal tool to drive your career, the success of organizations, population health, business efficiency… you name it.

Data Science Master’s Graduates Are In High Demand

In the past few years, data science master’s graduates have evolved predictive models to make sense of the world by plumbing the depths of enormous data sets.

Because of the valuable insights they provide, data scientists are increasingly called upon to turn business data into competitive intelligence—but there are not enough to meet the current demand.

Data-science-related jobs are projected to grow much faster than the average for all other occupations—nearly 36% between 2021 and 2031. There is no shortage of jobs for professionals trained in data science.

Be More Competitive in the Job Market with a Data Science Master’s

By earning a data science master’s, you'll gain theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable you to advance your career in a wide array of fields.

You can explore different industries for potential applications of your skills, such as healthcare, advertising, and education.

You'll learn about emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. And among other things, a degree in data science emphasizes modeling, analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence, which are all increasingly sought-after skills.

A data science master's program will prepare you for success by providing you with the networking, skills, and knowledge you'll need to get ahead in any industry. What you learn will prepare you for more powerful roles at cutting-edge companies after graduation.

Open Doors with a Data Science Master’s Degree... Are You Ready to Open Doors?

Application Deadline

Fall 2023: June 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM EDT.