Questions about theMS in Data Science Program?

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Does UConn's Data Science masters on-campus program enroll in the spring?
The on-campus MS in Data Science program only enrolls in the fall as it is a cohort-based learning model. However, the online program accepts students in both the fall and spring.

Does this program offer scholarships or assistantship opportunities?
UConn's Masters in Data Science does not currently facilitate financial assistance; however, students can find funding in other ways.  

Can I have an application fee waiver?
Unfortunately, the Data Science Masters does not offer application fee waivers. 

Do I meet the pre-requisite requirements for the MS in Data Science program?
UConn's MS in Data Science admissions committee is looking for a minimum of one semester of statistics (Stats 1000Q, 1100Q, or equivalent), one semester of differential calculus (Calc 1131Q or equivalent), and some computer programming experience. This can come from skills learned within a college course (CSE 1010 or equivalent), or industry experience. 

Can the MS in Data Science on-campus program be completed part-time?
Part-time participation in UConn's on-campus MS in Data Science is not recommended. As a cohort model, each core course is offered once per year, and seats are reserved for incoming students. Students who decide not to take the recommended coursework at the pace that is suggested may find that the following year, they cannot get into the classes that they need. However, UConn's online MS in Data Science offers an excellent opportunity to attend as a part-time student.

Are there different admissions requirements for the online and in-person MS in Data Science programs?
No. Admissions requirements are exactly the same for the two programs.

Is the online MS in Data Science program the same as the in-person program?
Content in both programs is equivalent, the only thing that is different is the modality of learning.

When can I start the online MS in Data Science program?
Students can begin their online coursework in the fall or spring semester.

What will learning look like for the online MS in Data Science program?
The online MS in Data Science courses are asynchronously taught, with recorded lectures and assignments due on specific dates throughout the semester. There will be opportunities to connect with resources in real time including professorial office hours and tutoring resources. 

Can I continue on to a PhD after completing the Data Science master's program?
This is a capstone-based masters degree rather than a thesis-based masters degree. UConn's MS in Data Science focuses on experiential learning culminating in the capstone course. Our program does not focus on research. 

Do I need to already be working as a data scientist to qualify for UConn's MS in Data Science?
No! We welcome students from diverse backgrounds of industry and academic experiences. With a strong foundation in prerequisite skills, you will learn the skills necessary to graduate and find a job as a data scientist.  

How long will it take for me to earn my Masters in Data Science?
The on-campus MSDS is designed to be completed by full-time students in 11 months. The online program is designed to be completed by part-time students, the number of courses a student chooses to complete per semester will determine the timeline to degree completion. 

How long after I submit my MS in Data Science application will I receive a decision?
The admissions committee will not look at an application until it is complete – this includes all three letters of recommendation as well as the application fee. Once your application is complete, it is the goal of the admissions committee to have a decision back the applicant within 4 - 6 weeks. However, some decisions may take longer. 

Can I transfer into the MS Data Science Program?
At this time, the program is not accepting transfer credits from other colleges or universities.

Application Deadlines

On-Campus Program:
Applications for Fall 2024 On Campus are now closed. Applications for Fall 2025 On Campus will open on 9/9/2024.
Note: There is no spring admission for the on-campus program

Online Program:
Fall '24: July 1, 2024, 11:59 EST