MS in Data Science -
Marketing Analytics Concentration

A 30-credit career-driven marketing focused data science master’s degree.

The University of Connecticut’s (UConn) Master’s (MS) in Data Science - Marketing Analytics concentration is a 30-credit on-campus (Storrs Campus) graduate degree focused on data science methods used within marketing-related fields. Consisting of 18 credits of UConn data science core courses paired with 9 credits of Marketing (MKTG) and Operations and Information Management (OPIM) courses, the program culminates with a 3-credit capstone project. The capstone experience provides graduates with an in-depth understanding of how to apply data science knowledge and techniques within a marketing framework.

Marketing analysts with formal training are sought-after professionals driving effective promotion.

Marketing analysts are in demand. The ability to analyze everything from consumer purchase data to digital marketing effectiveness has become the responsible standard in creating effective promotional efforts. A marketing unit’s ability to analyze marketing communication engagement, assess or illustrate customer experience, inform the consumer lifecycle, monitor brand management, or drive search engine optimization (SEO) becomes the fine line between informed success or leaving it to luck… or failure. UConn’s Marketing Analytics concentration builds Marketing Analysts capable of leading marketing units to optimal solutions.

Core Courses

  • STAT 5405 Applied Statistics for Data Science (3 credits)
  • STAT 5125 Statistical Computing for Data Science (3 credits)
  • CSE 5819 Introduction to Machine Learning (3 credits)
  • CSE 5713 Data Mining and Management (3 credits)
  • OPIM 5501 Data Visualization and Communication (2 credits)
  • EPSY 5641 Research Design and Measurement for Data Science (2 credits)
  • ARE 5353 Data Ethics and Equity (2 credits)

Specialty Course (required)

  • MKTG 5115 – Marketing Management (3 credits)

Specialty Courses (elective: choose 2 of the following)

  • MKTG 5220 – Big Data and Strategic Marketing (3 credits)
  • MKTG 5250 – Marketing Research and Intelligence (3 credits)
  • MKTG 5251 – Marketing and Digital Analytics (3 credits)
  • MKTG 5665 – Digital Marketing (3 credits)
  • OPIM 5510 – Web Analytics (3 credits)

Capstone Project

  • GRAD 5800 Applied Capstone in Data Science (3 credits)

Department Contact

Lynsi Vaitukaitis

Overall job growth - 10 years

Median Salary

25% Earn more than

professional, scientific and technical service top industry jobs

Labor Insight:  Source: Burning Glass Technologies. Labor Insight™. 2021.

Application Deadline

Fall 2023: June 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM EDT.

UConn’s Master’s in Data Science is an 11-month cohort based full-time in-person program and is eligible for F-1 and J-1 visa sponsorship. Courses are offered on the University of Connecticut’s Storrs, CT USA Campus. This program is eligible for the STEM OPT extension that affords certain F-1 graduate students an opportunity to apply for a 24-month extension of their post-completion optional practical training (OPT). The program does not offer graduate assistantships and scholarships at this time.